Learning from failure - Understanding the mechanisms of trial discontinuation DISCO 2

Prof. Dr. Matthias Briel

Status: Laufend Dauer: Dez. 2013 - Dez. 2020

In a first project we will conduct semi-structured interviews with principal investigators of RCTs discontinued for insufficient recruitment and with key stakeholders of clinical research in Switzerland. A second project will examine health-care RCTs funded by the SNSF to explore whether a rigorous selection of trials for funding and monitoring decreases the risk of trial discontinuation including potential effects of full versus partial funding. In a third project we will perform an analysis of recruitment patterns from about 500 completed and discontinued RCTs conducted in different countries and settings. It will explore whether insufficient recruitment can reliably be identified at an early stage and determine optimal time points and criteria for the assessment of recruitment progress in RCTs.

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