Anästhesie - PIEB

Laura Gabriel, James Young, Irene Hoesli, Thierry Girard, Salome Dell-Kuster

Status: Abgeschlossen Dauer: Feb. 2015 - Mär. 2019

This retrospective cohort study aims at investigating the effects of Programmed intermittent epidural bolus (PIEB) combined with patient- controlled epidural bolus (PCEA) on maternal motor function and labour outcome in a typical trial patient (healthy nulliparous) as compared to non-trial patients (multiparous, non healthy women). The results of the RCTs on PIEB in regards of motor function seem to be generalizable to women not eligible in these trials, but these women (non-trial patients) required a higher time-weighted number and volume of additional rescue top-ups. This higher number and volume of rescue top-ups in non-trial patients suggests that their labor is more intense, which should be considered in the dosing scheme for PIEB labor analgesia in non-trial patients.

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