Carbetocin Study: Carbetocin - Appropriate Rate Better Equilibrium between Tonus and Circulation

Salome Dell-Kuster, Irène Hösli, Olav Lapaire, Thierry Girard

Status: Abgeschlossen Dauer: Jan. 2012 - Dez. 2016

Carbetocin is routinely given during the caesarean section to improve the uterine contraction with the aim of reducing the blood loss. In this randomised, controlled double-blind non-inferiority trial we aim at comparing the uterine tone and the haemodynamic side effects after the administration of Carbetocin as a slow bolus injection to the administration as a short infusion. We assume that the effects on the uterus will not differ, but that especially cardiovascular side effects will not be as pronounced after a short infusion.

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