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[2017] Blinding in Surgical Randomized Clinical Trials in 2015

Ann.Surg. 2017; 266: 21-22 (Journal)

Speich B.

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[2017] Chronic Hepatitis B and C Virus Infection and Risk for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in HIV-Infected Patients: A Cohort Study

Ann.Intern.Med. 2017; 166: 9-17 (Journal)

Wang Q., De Luca A., Smith C., Zangerle R., Sambatakou H., Bonnet F., Smit C., Schommers P., Thornton A., Berenguer J., Peters L., Spagnuolo V., Ammassari A., Antinori A., Quiros-Roldan E., Mussini C....

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[2017] Colon Perfusion Patterns During Colorectal Resection Using Visible Light Spectroscopy

World J.Surg. 2017: - (Journal)

Hoffmann H., Delko T., Kirchhoff P., Rosenthal R., Schafer J., Kraljevic M., Kettelhack C.

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[2017] Comparative effectiveness of tenofovir in HIV-infected treatment-experienced patients: systematic review and meta-analysis

HIV.Clin.Trials 2017; 18: 17-27 (Journal)

Ewald H., Santini-Oliveira M., Buhler J.E., Vuichard D., Schandelmaier S., Stockle M., Briel M., Bucher H.C., Hemkens L.G.

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[2017] Comparison of dynamic monitoring strategies based on CD4 cell counts in virally suppressed, HIV-positive individuals on combination antiretroviral therapy in high-income countries: a prospective, observational study

Lancet HIV. 2017: - (Journal)

Caniglia E.C., Cain L.E., Sabin C.A., Robins J.M., Logan R., Abgrall S., Mugavero M.J., Hernandez-Diaz S., Meyer L., Seng R., Drozd D.R., Seage G.R. III, Bonnet F., Dabis F., Moore R.D., Reiss P., van...

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[2017] Differentiated Human Immunodeficiency Virus RNA Monitoring in Resource-Limited Settings: An Economic Analysis

Clin.Infect.Dis. 2017; 64: 1724-1730 (Journal)

Negoescu D.M., Zhang Z., Bucher H.C., Bendavid E.

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[2017] Dynamic Models for Estimating the Effect of HAART on CD4 in Observational Studies: Application to the Aquitaine Cohort and theSwiss HIV Cohort Study

Biometrics 2017: 294-303 (Journal)

Prague M., Commenges D., Gran J.M., Ledergerber B., Young J., Furrer H., Thiebaut R.

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[2017] Effect of E-Bike Versus Bike Commuting on Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Overweight Adults: A 4-Week Randomized Pilot Study

Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine 2017: - (Journal)

Höchsmann Christoph, Meister Steffen, Gehrig Damiana, Gordon Elisa, Li Yanlei, Nussbaumer Monique, Rossmeissl Anja, Schäfer Juliane, Hanssen Henner, Schmidt-Trucksäss Arno

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[2017] Effect of procalcitonin-guided antibiotic treatment on mortality in acute respiratory infections: a patient level meta-analysis

Lancet Infect Dis 2017; Published Online: - (Journal)

Schuetz P., Wirz Y., Sager R., Christ-Crain M., Stolz D., Tamm M., Bouadma L., Luyt C.E., Wolff M., Chastre J., Tubach F., Kristoffersen K.B., Burkhardt O., Welte T., Schroeder S., Nobre V., Wei L., B...

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[2017] Estimating the treatment effect on the treated under time-dependent confounding in an application to the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Appl.Statistics 2017; C: - (Journal)

Gran J.M., Roysland K., Ledergerber B., Young J., Aalen O.O.

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[2017] Factors associated with syphilis incidencein the HIV-infected in the era of highly activeantiretrovirals

Medicine 2017: - (Journal)

Shilaih M., Marzel A., Braun D.L., Scherrer A., Kovari H., Young J., Calmy A., Darling K., Bauersachs J., Hoffmann M., Bernasconi E., Turnheer M.C.

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[2017] GRADE Equity guidelines 1: Health equity in guideline development- introduction and rationale

J.Clin.Epidemiol. 2017: - (Journal)

Welch V.A., Akl E.A., Guyatt G., Pottie K., Eslava-Schmalbach J., Ansari M.T., de Beer H., Briel M., Dans T., Dans I., Hultcrantz M., Jull J., Katikireddi S.V., Meerpohl J., Morton R., Mosdol A., Petk...

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[2017] GRADE Equity Guidelines 2: Considering health equity in the GRADE guideline development process

J.Clin.Epidemiol. 2017: - (Journal)

Akl E.A., Welch V., Pottie K., Eslava-Schmalbach J., Darzi A., Sola I., Katikireddi S.V., Singh J., Murad M.H., Meerpohl J., Stanev R., Lang E., Matovinovic E., Shea B., Agoritsas T., Alexander P.E., ...

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[2017] GRADE guidelines 17: Assessing the Risk of Bias Associated with Missing Participant Outcome Data in a body of evidence

J.Clin.Epidemiol. 2017: - (Journal)

Guyatt G.H., Ebrahim S., Alonso-Coello P., Johnston B.C., Mathioudakis A.G., Briel M., Mustafa R.A., Sun X., Walter S.D., Heels-Ansdell D., Neumann I., Kahale L.A., Iorio A., Meerpohl J., Schunemann H...

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[2017] High prevalence of physical inactivity among patients from the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

AIDS Care 2017: 1-6 (Journal)

Schafer J., Young J., Calmy A., Nicca D., Hasse B., Brun Del Re C., Cavassini M., Bernasconi E., Schmidt-Trucksass A., Bucher H.C.

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[2017] Impact of screening and antiretroviral therapy on anal cancer incidence in HIV-positive MSM

AIDS 2017; 31: 1859-1866 (Journal)

Blaser N., Bertisch B., Kouyos R.D., Calmy A., Bucher H.C., Cavassini M., Estill J., Keiser O., Egger M.

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[2017] Interpretation of epidemiological studies very often lacked adequate consideration of confounding

J.Clin.Epidemiol. 2017: - (Journal)

Hemkens L.G., Ewald H., Naudet F., Ladanie A., Shaw J.G., Sajeev G., Ioannidis J.P.A.

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[2017] Measuring the monetary value of dental implants for denture retention: a willingness to pay approach

The Open Dentistry Journal 2017; 11: - (Journal)

Sendi P, Bertschinger N, Brand C, Marinello CP, Bucher H C, Bornstein M.M.

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[2017] Personalized Prescription Feedback Using Routinely Collected Data to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Primary Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial

JAMA Intern.Med. 2017; 177: 176-183 (Journal)

Hemkens L.G., Saccilotto R., Reyes S.L., Glinz D., Zumbrunn T., Grolimund O., Gloy V., Raatz H., Widmer A., Zeller A., Bucher H.C.

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[2017] Phased implementation of spaced clinic visits for stable HIV-positive patients in Rwanda to support Treat All

J.Int.AIDS Soc. 2017; 20: 21-27 (Journal)

Nsanzimana S., Remera E., Ribakare M., Burns T., Dludlu S., Mills E.J., Condo J., Bucher H.C., Ford N.

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