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[2019] Current use and costs of electronic health records for clinical trial research: a descriptive study

CMAJ Open 2019; 7: E23-E32 (Journal)

Mc Cord K. A., Ewald H., Ladanie A., Briel M., Speich B., Bucher H. C., Hemkens L. G.

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[2019] Delayed antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections: protocol of an individual patient data meta-analysis

BMJ Open 2019; 9: e026925 (Journal)

Stuart Beth, Hounkpatin Hilda, Becque Taeko, Yao Guiqing, Zhu Shihua, Alonso-Coello Pablo, Altiner Attila, Arroll Bruce, Böhning Dankmar, Bostock Jennifer, Bucher Heiner C C, de la Poza M...

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[2019] Medical diagnoses showed low relatedness in an explorative mutual information analysis of 190,837 inpatient cases

J Clin Epidemiol 2019: (Journal)

Roth J. A., Sakoparnig T., Neubauer S., Kuenzel-Pawlik E., Gerber M., Widmer A. F., Hug B. L., Abshagen C., Fucile G., Gerber M., Hug B. L., Jaegle B., Kuenzel-Pawlik E., Neubauer S., Pa...

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[2019] Resource use, costs, and approval times for planning and preparing a randomized clinical trial before and after the implementation of the new Swiss human research legislation

PLoS One 2019; 14: e0210669 (Journal)

Speich B., Schur N., Gryaznov D., von Niederhausern B., Hemkens L. G., Schandelmaier S., Amstutz A., Kasenda B., Pauli-Magnus C., Ojeda-Ruiz E., Tomonaga Y., McCord K., Nordmann A., von E...

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[2019] Single-dose versus 3-day cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in transurethral resection or greenlight laser vaporisation of the prostate: study protocol for a multicentre randomised placebo controlled non-inferiority trial (CITrUS trial)

Trials 2019; 20: 142, ISBN 1745-6215 (Journal)

Speich Benjamin, Bausch Kathrin, Roth Jan A., Hemkens Lars G., Ewald Hannah, Vogt Deborah R., Bruni Nicole, Deuster Stefanie, Seifert Hans-H., Widmer Andreas F.

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[2018] Abbreviated literature searches were viable alternatives to comprehensive searches: a meta-epidemiological study

J Clin Epidemiol 2018: (Journal)

Nussbaumer-Streit B., Klerings I., Wagner G., Heise T. L., Dobrescu A. I., Armijo-Olivo S., Stratil J. M., Persad E., Lhachimi S. K., Van Noord M. G., Mittermayr T., Zeeb H., Hemkens L., ...

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[2018] Academic response to improving value and reducing waste: A comprehensive framework for INcreasing QUality In patient-oriented academic clinical REsearch (INQUIRE)

PLoS Med 2018; 15: e1002580 (Journal)

von Niederhausern B., Guyatt G. H., Briel M., Pauli-Magnus C.

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[2018] Adaptation of cost-effectiveness analyses to a single country: the case of bariatric surgery for obesity and overweight

Swiss Med Wkly 2018; 148: w14626, ISBN 1424-3997 (Electronic)
0036-7672 (Linking) (Journal)

Ademi Z., Tomonaga Y., van Stiphout J., Glinz D., Gloy V., Raatz H., Bucher H. C., Schwenkglenks M.

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[2018] Adaptation of cost-effectiveness analyses to a single country: the case of bariatric surgery for obesity and overweight

Swiss Med Wkly 2018; 148: w14626 (Journal)

Ademi Z., Tomonaga Y., van Stiphout J., Glinz D., Gloy V., Raatz H., Bucher H. C., Schwenkglenks M.

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[2018] Antiretroviral pill count and clinical outcomes in treatment-naive patients with HIV infection

HIV Med 2018; 19: 132-142 (Journal)

Young J., Smith C., Teira R., Reiss P., Jarrin Vera I., Crane H., Miro J. M., D'Arminio Monforte A., Saag M., Zangerle R., Bucher H. C., Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration

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[2018] Antivirals for influenza-Like Illness? A randomised Controlled trial of Clinical and Cost effectiveness in primary CarE (ALIC(4) E): the ALIC(4) E protocol

BMJ Open 2018; 8: e021032 (Journal)

Bongard E., van der Velden A. W., Cook J., Saville B., Beutels P., Munck Aabenhus R., Brugman C., Chlabicz S., Coenen S., Colliers A., Davies M., De Paor M., De Sutter A., Francis N. A.,...

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[2018] Bariatric surgery among patients with heart failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Open Heart 2018; 5: e000910 (Journal)

Berger S., Meyre P., Blum S., Aeschbacher S., Ruegg M., Briel M., Conen D.

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[2018] Benefits and risks of rapid initiation of antiretroviral therapy

AIDS 2018; 32: 17-23 (Journal)

Ford N., Migone C., Calmy A., Kerschberger B., Kanters S., Nsanzimana S., Mills E. J., Meintjes G., Vitoria M., Doherty M., Shubber Z.

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[2018] Controlling hepatitis C in Rwanda: a framework for a national response

Bull World Health Organ 2018; 96: 51-58 (Journal)

Mbituyumuremyi A., Van Nuil J. I., Umuhire J., Mugabo J., Mwumvaneza M., Makuza J. D., Umutesi J., Nsanzimana S., Gupta N.

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[2018] Corticosteroid therapy for sepsis: a clinical practice guideline

BMJ 2018; 362: k3284 (Journal)

Lamontagne F., Rochwerg B., Lytvyn L., Guyatt G. H., Moller M. H., Annane D., Kho M. E., Adhikari N. K. J., Machado F., Vandvik P. O., Dodek P., Leboeuf R., Briel M., Hashmi M., Camsooks...

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[2018] Cortisol Outperforms Novel Cardiovascular, Inflammatory, and Neurohumoral Biomarkers in the Prediction of Outcome in Acute Pancreatitis

Pancreas 2018; 47: 55-64 (Journal)

Nebiker C. A., Staubli S., Schafer J., Bingisser R., Christ-Crain M., Dell-Kuster S., Mueller C., Scamardi K., Viehl C. T., Kolleth D., von Holzen U., Oertli D., Rosenthal R.

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[2018] Cost estimates for HIV care and patient characteristics for health resource utilisation from linkage of claims data with the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Clin Infect Dis 2018: , ISBN 1537-6591 (Electronic)
1058-4838 (Linking) (Journal)

Leon-Reyes S., Schafer J., Fruh M., Schwenkglenks M., Reich O., Schmidlin K., Staehelin C., Battegay M., Cavassini M., Hasse B., Bernasconi E., Calmy A., Hoffmann M., Schoeni-Affolter F....

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[2018] Cosyntropin testing does not predict response to glucocorticoids in community-acquired pneumonia in a randomized controlled trial

Clin Endocrinol (Oxf) 2018: (Journal)

Blum C. A., Schuetz P., Nigro N., Winzeler B., Arici B., Refardt J., Urwyler S. A., Rodondi N., Blum M. R., Briel M., Mueller B., Christ-Crain M.

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[2018] Effect of immediate initiation of antiretroviral treatment on the risk of acquired HIV drug resistance

AIDS 2018; 32: 327-335 (Journal)

Lodi S., Gunthard H. F., Dunn D., Garcia F., Logan R., Jose S., Bucher H. C., Scherrer A. U., Schneider M. P., Egger M., Glass T. R., Reiss P., van Sighem A., Boender T. S., Phillips A....

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[2018] Effect of Offering Same-Day ART vs Usual Health Facility Referral During Home-Based HIV Testing on Linkage to Care and Viral Suppression Among Adults With HIV in Lesotho: The CASCADE Randomized Clinical Trial

JAMA 2018; 319: 1103-1112 (Journal)

Labhardt N. D., Ringera I., Lejone T. I., Klimkait T., Muhairwe J., Amstutz A., Glass T. R.

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