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[2017] Chronic Hepatitis B and C Virus Infection and Risk for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in HIV-Infected Patients: A Cohort Study

Ann.Intern.Med. 2017; 166: 9-17 (Journal)

Wang Q., De Luca A., Smith C., Zangerle R., Sambatakou H., Bonnet F., Smit C., Schommers P., Thornton A., Berenguer J., Peters L., Spagnuolo V., Ammassari A., Antinori A., Quiros-Roldan E., Mussini C....

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[2017] Comparative effectiveness of tenofovir in HIV-infected treatment-experienced patients: systematic review and meta-analysis

HIV.Clin.Trials 2017; 18: 17-27 (Journal)

Ewald H., Santini-Oliveira M., Buhler J.E., Vuichard D., Schandelmaier S., Stockle M., Briel M., Bucher H.C., Hemkens L.G.

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[2017] High prevalence of physical inactivity among patients from the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

AIDS Care 2017: 1-6 (Journal)

Schafer J., Young J., Calmy A., Nicca D., Hasse B., Brun Del Re C., Cavassini M., Bernasconi E., Schmidt-Trucksass A., Bucher H.C.

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[2017] Personalized Prescription Feedback Using Routinely Collected Data to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Primary Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial

JAMA Intern.Med. 2017; 177: 176-183 (Journal)

Hemkens L.G., Saccilotto R., Reyes S.L., Glinz D., Zumbrunn T., Grolimund O., Gloy V., Raatz H., Widmer A., Zeller A., Bucher H.C.

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[2017] The effectiveness of daclatasvir based therapy in European patients with chronic hepatitis C and advanced liver disease

BMC.Infect.Dis. 2017; 17: 45- (Journal)

Young J., Weis N., Hofer H., Irving W., Weiland O., Giostra E., Pascasio J.M., Castells L., Prieto M., Postema R., Lefevre C., Evans D., Bucher H.C., Calleja J.L.

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[2017] The natriuretic peptide MR-proANP predicts all-cause mortality and adverse outcome in community patients: a 10-year follow-up study

Clin.Chem.Lab Med. 2017: - (Journal)

Odermatt J., Hersberger L., Bolliger R., Graedel L., Christ-Crain M., Briel M., Bucher H.C., Mueller B., Schuetz P.

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[2017] Virological Blips and Predictors of Post Treatment Viral Control After Stopping ART Started in Primary HIV Infection

J.Acquir.Immune.Defic.Syndr. 2017; 74: 126-133 (Journal)

Fidler S., Olson A.D., Bucher H.C., Fox J., Thornhill J., Morrison C., Muga R., Phillips A., Frater J., Porter K.

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[2016] Agreement of treatment effects for mortality from routinely collected data and subsequent randomized trials: meta-epidemiological survey

BMJ 2016; 352: i493- (Journal)

Hemkens L.G., Contopoulos-Ioannidis D.G., Ioannidis J.P.

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[2016] Agreements between Industry and Academia on Publication Rights: A Retrospective Study of Protocols and Publications of Randomized Clinical Trials

PLoS Med 2016; 13: e1002046- (Journal)

Kasenda B., von Elm E., You J.J., Blümle A., Tomonaga Y., Saccilotto R., Amstutz A., Bengough T., Meerpohl J., Stegert M., Olu K.K., Tikkinen K.O.A., Neumann I., Schwenkglenks M., Hemkens L., Bucher ...

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[2016] An analysis of protocols and publications suggested that most discontinuations of clinical trials were not based on preplanned interim analyses or stopping rules

J.Clin.Epidemiol. 2016; 69: 152-160 (Journal)

Stegert M., Kasenda B., von Elm E., Young J., Blumle A., Tomonaga Y., Saccilotto R., Amstutz A., Bengough T., Briel M.

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[2016] Bariatric surgery versus non-surgical treatment for obesity

Br.J.Sports Med. 2016; 50: 246- (Journal)

Gloy V.L., Briel M., Bhatt D.L., Kashyap S.R., Schauer P.R., Mingrone G., Bucher H.C., Nordmann A.J.

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[2016] Better research reporting to improve the utility of routine data for making better treatment decisions

J.Comp Eff.Res. 2016: - (Journal)

Hemkens L.G., Langan S.M., Benchimol E.I.

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[2016] Bias in dissemination of clinical research findings: structured OPEN framework of what, who and why, based on literature review and expert consensus

BMJ Open. 2016; 6: e010024- (Journal)

Bassler D., Mueller K.F., Briel M., Kleijnen J., Marusic A., Wager E., Antes G., von Elm E., Altman D.G., Meerpohl J.J.

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[2016] Cardiovascular effects and safety of long-term colchicine treatment: Cochrane review and meta-analysis

Heart 2016: - (Journal)

Hemkens L.G., Ewald H., Gloy V.L., Arpagaus A., Olu K.K., Nidorf M., Glinz D., Nordmann A.J., Briel M.

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[2016] Chronic Hepatits B and C Virus Infection and Risk for Non-Hodgkin-Lymphoma in HIV-Infected Patients - A cohort study

Annals of Internal Medicine 2016: 1-11 (Journal)

Wang Q., De Luca A., Smith C., Zangerle R., Sambatakou H., Bucher H.C., et al.

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[2016] Cochrane corner: early statin therapy in acute coronary syndromes-what is the clinical benefit?

Heart 2016: - (Journal)

Nordmann A., Schwartz G., Vale N., Bucher H.C., Briel M.

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[2016] Colchicine for prevention of cardiovascular eventsColchicine for prevention of cardiovascular events

Cochrane.Database.Syst.Rev. 2016; 1: CD011047- (Journal)

Hemkens L.G., Ewald H., Gloy V.L., Arpagaus A., Olu K.K., Nidorf M., Glinz D., Nordmann A.J., Briel M.

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[2016] Efficacy and safety of carbetocin applied as an intravenous bolus compared to as ashort-infusion for caesarean section: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Trials 2016; 17: 1-8 (Journal)

Dell-Kuster S., Hoesli I., Lapaire O., Seeberger E., Steiner L.A., Bucher H.C., Girard T.

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[2016] HIV-1 Transmission During Recent Infection and During Treatment Interruptions as Major Drivers of New Infections in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Clin.Infect.Dis. 2016; 62: 115-122 (Journal)

Marzel A., Shilaih M., Yang W.L., Boni J., Yerly S., Klimkait T., Aubert V., Braun D.L., Calmy A., Furrer H., Cavassini M., Battegay M., Vernazza P.L., Bernasconi E., Gunthard H.F., Kouyos R.D.

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[2016] Nutritional Support and Outcomes in Malnourished Medical Inpatients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

JAMA Intern.Med. 2016; 176: 43-53 (Journal)

Bally M.R., Blaser Yildirim P.Z., Bounoure L., Gloy V.L., Mueller B., Briel M., Schuetz P.

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