Single-use device endoscopy for the diagnosis of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis in primary care: A pilot and feasibility study

Clin Otolaryngol 2021: , ISBN 1749-4478 (Journal)

Glinz D., Georg Hansen J., Trutmann C., Schaller B., Vogt J., Diermayr C., Marti A., Leitmeyer K., Doerig P., Zeller A., Welge-Luessen Lemcke A., Bucher H. C.

OBJECTIVE: Antibiotics are largely overprescribed for acute rhinosinusitis in primary care, mainly due to the lack of diagnostic tests to confirm or rule out bacterial infection. The study objective was to assess the on-site applicability and safety of the newly developed JGG endoscope(®) for the diagnosis of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis in primary care. DESIGN: Five Swiss primary care centres and one university-affiliated ENT unit participated in this single-arm pilot study. PARTICIPANTS: Adults with acute suspected bacterial rhinosinusitis. The newly developed JGG endoscope(®) , which is attached to a pocket otoscope, was used to inspect after local anaesthesia the nasal cavity and middle meatus and to gain material for bacterial culture from paranasal sinuses draining ostium. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Applicability and safety. RESULTS: The visualisation of the middle meatus was successful in 16 of 21 patients (13 in both sides and three in one side), and unclear or unsuccessful in five patients. Sample collection from the middle meatus was successful in 10 patients (six on both and four on one side) and unclear or unsuccessful in the remaining patients. Only one culture-confirmed bacterial rhinosinusitis and 11 PCR-confirmed viral infections were identified from collected samples. After a 2-week follow-up, no serious adverse events were observed. CONCLUSIONS: The on-site use of the JGG endoscope® in daily primary care routine is feasible and safe and was well accepted by the trial physicians and patients (assessed with structured questionnaires). The JGG endoscope® may support general practitioners to differentiate between bacterial and viral rhinosinusitis.

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