The INSPIRE Population Survey: development, dissemination and respondent characteristics

Bmc Medical Research MethodologyBmc Med Res Methodol 2021; 21: 131, ISBN 1471-2288 (Journal)

Siqeca Flaka, Obas Katrina, Yip Olivia, Stenz Samuel, Vounatsou Penelope, Briel Matthias, Schwenkglenks Matthias, Quinto Carlos, Blozik Eva, Zeller Andreas, Zullig Leah L., De Geest Sabina, Deschodt Mieke

Most older adults prefer to continue living at home despite increasing care needs and demand for services. To aid in maintaining independence, integrated care models for community-dwelling older people are promoted as the most cost-effective approach. The implementation of such care models is challenging and often the end-users are not involved or their needs are not considered. We conducted a population survey in order to understand the needs and preferences of home-dwelling older adults living in Canton Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland. The aims of this paper are to chronicle the development of the INSPIRE Population Survey, outline its variables and measurements, describe the marketing strategy utilized for survey dissemination and report on the response rate and respondent characteristics.

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