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[2018] Effect of procalcitonin-guided antibiotic treatment on mortality in acute respiratory infections: a patient level meta-analysis

Lancet Infect Dis 2018; 18: 95-107 (Journal)

Schuetz P., Wirz Y., Sager R., Christ-Crain M., Stolz D., Tamm M., Bouadma L., Luyt C. E., Wolff M., Chastre J., Tubach F., Kristoffersen K. B., Burkhardt O., Welte T., Schroeder S., No...

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[2018] Effectiveness of a chlorhexidine dressing on silver-coated external ventricular drain associated colonization/infection - a prospective single-blinded randomized controlled clinical trial (EVDAI-Study)

Clin Infect Dis 2018: , ISBN 1537-6591 (Electronic)
1058-4838 (Linking) (Journal)

Roethlisberger M., Moffa G., Fisch U., Wiggli B., Schoen S., Kelly C., Leu S., Croci D., Zumofen D. W., Cueni N., Nogarth D., Schulz M., Bucher H. C., Weisser-Rohacek M., Wasner M. G., ...

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[2018] Effectiveness of a Chlorhexidine Dressing on Silver-coated External Ventricular Drain–associated Colonization and Infection: A Prospective Single-blinded Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Clinical Infectious Diseases 2018: ciy393-ciy393 (Journal)

Roethlisberger Michel, Moffa Giusi, Fisch Urs, Wiggli Benedikt, Schoen Stephan, Kelly Christopher, Leu Severina, Croci Davide, Zumofen Daniel W., Cueni Nadine, Nogarth Danica, Schulz Maria...

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[2018] Efficacy and safety of co-administered ivermectin plus albendazole for treating soil-transmitted helminths: A systematic review, meta-analysis and individual patient data analysis

PLoS Negl Trop Dis 2018; 12: e0006458 (Journal)

Palmeirim M. S., Hurlimann E., Knopp S., Speich B., Belizario V. Jr., Joseph S. A., Vaillant M., Olliaro P., Keiser J.

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[2018] Factors associated with clinical and radiological status on admission in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Neurosurg Rev [Epub ahead of print] (Journal)

Zumofen D. W., Roethlisberger M., Achermann R., Bawarjan S., Stienen M. N., Fung C., D'Alonzo D., Maldaner N., Ferrari A., Corniola M. V., Schoeni D., Goldberg J., Valsecchi D., Robe...

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[2018] Frequent Door Openings During Cardiac Surgery are Associated with Increased Risk for Surgical Site Infection: A Prospective Observational Study

Clin Infect Dis 2018: (Journal)

Roth J. A., Juchler F., Dangel M., Eckstein F. S., Battegay M., Widmer A. F.

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[2018] Funding characteristics of randomised clinical trials supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation: a retrospective cohort study

Swiss Med Wkly 2018; 148: w14587 (Journal)

Amstutz A., Schandelmaier S., Frei R., Surina J., Agarwal A., Alturki R., von Niederhausern B., von Elm E., Briel M., On Behalf Of The MAking Randomized Trials Affordable Marta Group

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[2018] High-resolution standardization reduces delay due to workflow disruptions in laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Surg Endosc 2018: (Journal)

von Strauss Und Torney M., Aghlmandi S., Zeindler J., Nowakowski D., Nebiker C. A., Kettelhack C., Rosenthal R., Droeser R. A., Soysal S. D., Hoffmann H., Mechera R.

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[2018] How to Conceptualize and Implement a PhD Program in Health Sciences-The Basel Approach

J Med Educ Curric Dev 2018; 5: (Journal)

Keller F., Dhaini S., Briel M., Henrichs S., Hochsmann C., Kalbermatten D., Kunzli N., Mollet A., Puelacher C., Schmidt-Trucksass A., von Niederhausern B., De Geest S.

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[2018] How to use FDA drug approval documents for evidence syntheses

BMJ 2018; 362: (Journal)

Ladanie Aviv, Ewald Hannah, Kasenda Benjamin, Hemkens Lars G

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[2018] Impact of Aneurysm Multiplicity on Treatment and Outcome After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Neurosurgery 2018: nyy331-nyy331 (Journal)

Roethlisberger Michel, Achermann Rita, Bawarjan Schatlo, Stienen Martin N., Fung Christian, D’Alonzo Donato, Maldaner Nicolai, Ferrari Andrea, Corniola Marco V., Schöni Daniel, Goldberg ...

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[2018] Incidence and Predictors of Atrial Fibrillation Progression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Heart Rhythm 2018: (Journal)

Blum S., Meyre P., Aeschbacher S., Berger S., Auberson C., Briel M., Osswald S., Conen D.

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[2018] Introduction to Machine Learning in Digital Healthcare Epidemiology

Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2018: 1-6 (Journal)

Roth J. A., Battegay M., Juchler F., Vogt J. E., Widmer A. F.

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[2018] Links between psychotic and neurotic symptoms in the general population: an analysis of longitudinal British National Survey data using Directed Acyclic Graphs

Psychol Med 2018: 1-8 (Journal)

Kuipers J., Moffa G., Kuipers E., Freeman D., Bebbington P.

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[2018] Look before you SPRINT: look at the data and look at the consequences

Swiss Med Wkly 2018; 148: w14629 (Journal)

Nordmann A., Fernandes M., Olde Rikkert M. G. M.

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[2018] Many pathways to ending AIDS by 2030

Lancet HIV 2018; 5: e407-e408 (Journal)

Nsanzimana S., Forrest J. I.

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[2018] Marginal structural models and other analyses allow multiple estimates of treatment effects in randomized clinical trials: meta-epidemiological analysis

J Clin Epidemiol 2018: (Journal)

Ewald H., Speich B., Ladanie A., Bucher H. C., Ioannidis J. P., Hemkens L. G.

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[2018] Minimally invasive anterior muscle-sparing versus a transgluteal approach for hemiarthroplasty in femoral neck fractures-a prospective randomised controlled trial including 190 elderly patients

BMC Geriatr 2018; 18: 222 (Journal)

Saxer F., Studer P., Jakob M., Suhm N., Rosenthal R., Dell-Kuster S., Vach W., Bless N.

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[2018] Mutational interactions define novel cancer subgroups

Nat Commun 2018; 9: 4353 (Journal)

Kuipers J., Thurnherr T., Moffa G., Suter P., Behr J., Goosen R., Christofori G., Beerenwinkel N.

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[2018] Novel agents for primary central nervous system lymphoma: evidence and perspectives

Blood 2018; 132: 681-688 (Journal)

Illerhaus G., Schorb E., Kasenda B.

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